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Great Grief.

  In less than a year and a half, I got served with another dose of grief – my mother ended her life. It wasn’t a complete shock as she was unstable for a long time but my heart’s broken, again. The same night that … Great Grief.

Jesus vs. The World

In the midst of the upcoming presidential election, Laila asked about my thoughts on Donald Trump. Without hesitation, I told her that I don’t put my entire faith into mortal leaders. After watching many political campaigns, I’ve confidently concluded that the race is usually between … Jesus vs. The World

Well, Well, Well.

The way to wellness is anything but a one-size-fits-all, linear approach. Truth is, there is no secret formula that will guarantee a healthier life. Despite the endless sea of advertised solutions, we must stand on guard against the perpetuation of false hope and grief. I … Well, Well, Well.