Seek And Ye Shall Find.


I am happy that summer has finally arrived and appears to be better than expected. I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about it as I thought it was going to be dominated by rain and clouds. So far, it seems to be pretty good because I am able to spend time outdoors on most days.

After much anticipation, Laila and I were super excited to finally watch Toy Story 4. It’s been 9 years since the last movie and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. I’ve enjoyed all the films and it seems like they only get better each time. My favourite character is Woody but I really liked this movie’s newest addition, Duke Caboom.

Duke (voiced by Keanu Reeves) is the “Canuck with all the luck” stuntman battling an identity crisis. He was disowned by a kid for failing to perform as in the commercial. One of the funniest lines in the movie is, Yes We Canada. 

A couple of weeks ago, I found a crisp $50 bill waiting for me in a parking lot. A week after that, I found a Herschel coin/card holder while out on a bike ride. It was just lying on the pavement, empty and appeared to be new. Out of curiosity, I decided to check it’s worth online and discovered it was about $40 plus tax. It’s a neat little accessory but there’s no way I’d cough up that money for a piddly pouch.

Aside from material gain, I’ve also been the proud recipient of reaffirming messages. In my opinion, these are a lot more powerful because they are of greater meaning. Just recently, Laila and I were walking home and chatting about Jesus and God. Out of nowhere, something told me to turn my head to the left only to find this card with Scripture. 

It was on the street, sitting right next to the curb. I was extremely pleased with the perfectly-timed proof which I was able to share with my daughter. The immensity of what we had experienced only leads me to become a stronger believer. 

Not only am I finding things on the ground but also in the sky. While out, I spotted a really big bird (not sure of name) gripping a smaller bird (again, not sure) in its claws. The friends of the victim were trying to gang up on the killer but it didn’t look promising for them. It was a brief but brutal scene. 

Speaking of birds…

In 2004, I had my coolest bird encounter of all time. It was a warm, sunny day and I had walked my bike to the top of a hill so that I could sit and just be. I was in such a state of complete and utter peace that a little bird chose to give me a reassurance by landing on my head for a split second. It happened so quickly that when I looked up, I could see it flying away. I truly believe this was a divine sign because I felt very “at one” with my environment.

The ability to seek is an action which keeps us present and hopeful. It encourages us to move forward so that we may find whatever it is that we’re looking for.

Just for keeping the faith, don’t be surprised if you’re blessed with a little extra along the way.