Home Sweet Home.


Today marks the one year anniversary of my brother’s demise, all four seasons have passed so we’ve come full circle. A very painful time but it wouldn’t be fair to diminish all the good that came out of this ordeal. I miss him dearly but the life he led here was void of peace, he needed a new home.

My heart breaks not only from the grief which I carry but also from the witnessing of what my dad went through. Watching him scatter David’s ashes on Easter Sunday was extremely emotional. I am beyond grateful to have my father because we’re getting through it together.

Last year, we were gifted with a new home.

Back in 2016, we were renting a house but had to move out two years later due to a very messy family situation. During our time there, David had lived with us for approximately 6 months. It was a torturous term as we were all on edge because the struggles had intensified. One day, I told my dad that I could feel death around the corner.

Long story short, we moved out under extreme duress and had to find a dwelling ASAP. We ended up moving to a place which was not to our liking but we needed a roof. We were super sad to leave our home because we were truly happy there.

Fast forward to 2019, my father and I made a decision we’d move again because staying where we were wasn’t an option. I started looking at places and not long after my dad got a call from our neighbour who we used to live next to when we were in our “happy” home. They always got along so even after we moved they would stay in touch from time to time. He informed us that his neighbour of 20 odd years was moving out and the owner was looking for tenants.

Our hearts rejoiced at the sound of this news so we held on tight to the hope. This time, we would have the entire house to ourselves which was a huge leap because the previous home’s basement was occupied by a couple of residents. Not only this, the rent would remain exactly the same which completely blew our minds given these tough economic times. As it turns out, the people who moved into our past home only ended up staying for one year as the owner hiked the rent by $600.

So now we live on the other side of our neighbour, isn’t life a wild ride or what? I would’ve never imagined coming back to the same street, one house over only a year-and-a-half later. Even the layout is reminiscent of the other place. There is absolutely no way we could’ve landed this home without the hand of God. He cleared the path for us to get back to a place where we could re-build and improve our lives.

The entire thing still feels surreal, like I’m in a dream.

To top it off, the owner renovated many parts of the home because it was in shambles and he was sensitive to that. He’s a very good man unlike the previous landlord who was an arrogant individual. My dad and I also did our part by spending money on items such as tiles, carpeting and paint. We spent so many hours of physical labour to move things along for our new nest. I’ll never forget the day we had the appliances delivered to the front yard and had to haul everything in. The two of us brought in the fridge, stove and even managed to take the washer and dryer down the stairs to the basement.

It was truly incredible.

The acquisition of our home is not mere coincidence or a stroke of good luck. It’s all God and that’s who I give complete credit to for everything in my life. We gave Him our pain and He gave us His loving grace and mercy.