The Damnation Of Stagnation.


All of life is movement as nothing stays in one place for too long. The heart continuously beats and blood is constantly circulated within our body to keep us alive. We all know what happens if we remain still for an extended period of time whether it be physically, mentally and/or spiritually.

That’s right, we wither and die.

I’ve seen and heard of many people who willingly choose to stay put for reasons which do nothing to serve their well-being. Maybe this gives them the ability to endure cold relationships and go to a job they hate all the while acquiring a healthy dose of self-loathing. Yes, relationships and jobs have their own mandatory set of challenges like the guarantee that there will be difficulty. But we allow ourselves to ignore red flags and nagging feelings which are telling us that something just isn’t right. We continue to forge ahead maybe because we’re hopeful or simply because complacency sets in and it all feels “normal”. Meanwhile you’re fully aware that this is not your optimal peak yet it’s considered okay.

Is it really?

Not quite because once we approach life as active participants rather than innocent bystanders our lives dramatically change. We possess the power to make things happen rather than existing as spectators watching on the sidelines. This power is derived from taking full responsibility for our decisions, attitude, thoughts, actions and words spoken. In short, everything that is within our control and that can be altered by us.

I’ve encountered many points in my life when staying dormant was taking its toll on me. For example, I cannot bring myself to go to work each day if I’m not genuinely interested in being there. Yes, some days are tough but on my mental scale if the bad outweighs the good then I need to find a way to bring back the balance. Either I look at how I will improve my current position or I need to invest my time into moving on. The bottom line is that it needs to get better soon and I will do what I can to do just that. But to hang around in limbo, never really knowing what’s going on isn’t my idea of a life well-lived. I’d much rather spend a couple of months searching for a new job while dealing with the uncertainty than to give up and live miserably each day with certainty.

The illusion of being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation will greatly diminish the quality of your life. The trouble with the prolonged “wait and see” approach is that it manifests itself into other areas and can keep you stuck. The operative word here is prolonged because we can allow lots of time to pass us by before anything is ever done. I’m not suggesting to run at the first sight of trouble but we can trust ourselves enough to admit when we are in a rut. The feelings that accompany this state of being don’t vanish and only intensify over time so the longer you wait the more damage is done. Like an oil tanker spill, this negativity will darken anything that crosses its path and leave you feeling completely defeated.

Despite how messy things get there is always a natural solution that rises from the rubble. However, a little awareness can go a long way in minimizing the impact that events and/or people can have on us.