We’ll Make You A Star But First…


I’ve been following the media storm surrounding the celebrities who are speaking out against all the inhumanity that’s been taking place in Hollywood. Most of the general public already knows about the casting couch but those involved normally keep it on the hush hush. We hear stories from time to time but the latest on Harvey Weinstein is quite the spectacle. I don’t remember having heard so many celebrities band together against such a powerful figure in Hollyweird but it happened. In fact, since this incident there have been other stars who are exposing other big shots who’ve been flying under the radar.

There have been over 50 women that have had something to say about this creep and the number continues to grow each day. Even male actors are condemning this man’s lewd behaviour. For the most part, Harvey seems to use the same tactics over and over again. He invites the woman to his hotel room, appears in a bathrobe and begins his sexual advances. Unfortunately this type of thing happens a lot more often than we think, even if you’re not a celebrity.

This is just another example of what happens to people when they are given too much money and power. It is for this very reason why I don’t believe in the system of government unless the leader is working solely in favour of the majority, which is rarely the case.

So Harvey who has the ability to make you a star in this summer’s biggest flick but all you all need to do is (fill in the blank). I can see how people would get lured in with the promise of fame and riches however it’s wrong on so many levels. People. like Harvey, who enjoy abusing their power to satisfy their insatiable appetite usually get away with their wrongdoings. First and foremost, they have a lot of funds at their disposal to hire the best lawyers. Isn’t it crazy how the very same thing that got you into trouble has the ability to get you out of it as well?

Money is freedom unless you become enslaved by it. But one must not forget that in order to gain something in life, we need to give up something in return because nobody has it all. People who get stars in their eyes at the thought of easy money are in for a rude awakening. Despite a person’s beliefs, religious or not, there is something unexplainable that happens when you’ve sold your soul. For awhile things may appear okay on the surface but it doesn’t take long for the the ugly truth to set in. We don’t always give thought to this but man does it make a difference. The quality of life that we lead is impacted by these intangible items more so than the material which is ever fleeting.

I don’t find Hollywood all that glamorous as I’m convinced there a lot of sinister things that take place there. I’ll admit that I’m interested in the stories but I don’t aspire to be in their “circle”. I would rather take my ho-hum, non-extravagant lifestyle over my name appearing in flashing lights any day.

It’s really true, there are some things that money just can’t buy.