Winds Of Change.


For someone who likes change, I’m definitely getting a run for my money. Earlier this year, I had mentioned that I was planning to move and with some work that will be happening very soon. I’ve got a few weeks to pack up my stuff and hit the road. Well, I’m actually moving down the street. Again.

I always use moving time as an opportunity to purge any items that serve no purpose or need to be replaced. For instance, I am on the hunt for a new mattress as I’m looking to downsize from Queen to Full. The one I’ve got is 6 years old but I feel like I can find something more comfortable. I never used to give thought to this type of thing but since we spend a big part our lives asleep it might be worth the investment. So I’ve been on the net comparing prices and quality while doing a little research about what is best for my sleeping position. I found a site with lots of selection and what seem to be fair prices. In order to help me decide, I completed a quick mattress selector quiz to find some good options. I fall into the side sleeper category which represents approximately 75% of the population. I guess that’s a good thing because that means the majority of mattresses are designed with these people in mind.  I am also looking to buy a very basic bed frame to provide some extra height as my current mattress is on the floor.

Not only am I moving in my personal life but also at the workplace. A few months ago, a group of us had to re-locate in the same building while renovations were taking place on our floor. It looks like we’ll be on the move again with the aim to be all settled into our new space by the beginning of next month. Although this transition won’t be as busy as switching homes it still requires upheaval and adjustment.

With all these moves taking place, I decided to arrange another mother-daughter getaway. Once I’m back, I will take the time to write a post about our experience. I am hopeful that it will be a nice and relaxing break from boxes and the endless to-do list, even if just for a little while. It’s so important to hit the pause button on the revolving door of demands brought on by everyday life. This is where we can exercise our right to detach from the grind and to welcome another state of being.

I remember suffering a mini meltdown about 10 years ago because life made absolutely no sense. I was in the midst of completely changing my career and had zero idea of what my next move should be. Sure, I was able to find jobs but couldn’t secure one that would be able to provide me with more than just a paycheck. Luckily, I had enough money for rent and to book a vacation. So I decided to remove myself from the everyday usual routine and fly elsewhere. I found that it really helped shift my focus onto something other than my persistent problems. When I got back, I was feeling less defeated and more energized which means I did the right thing.

As some of you may know, I’ve struggled with an addiction to cigarettes over the years. I’m not proud to have ever picked up the habit in the first place but what’s done is done so no need to dwell on it. But I am happy to report that I have not had any this year and my goal is to make it to 2019 nicotine-free. I’ve been using the cold turkey method which has proven to be easier this time around. Unfortunately, once a person creates a dependency to cigarettes it will probably follow them around for the rest of their life. Even if you’re an ex-smoker for many years, there will always be the psychological factor which could lead you astray. It’s a bit scary but one day at a time is the real key to lasting change and success.

Speaking of change, we are also on the verge of experiencing a seasonal shift very soon. This weekend we are preparing to spring forward by pushing the time one hour ahead which is great. Longer days filled with sunshine which also means warmer temperatures are in the not-so-distant future. Sweet relief! I can’t wait to take my bike out again and just enjoy the outdoors.