Own Your Happiness.


Oh, how I miss the beach!

I didn’t realize what an impact that little time away had on my well-being. I’m glowing, literally. My mind received an instant lift as did my spirits. It’s so liberating to detach from the usual and transport yourself to a completely different mode of operation. It always helps immensely if are greeted with great weather and if your health is in good standing. That’s best case scenario and when it happens, I am overjoyed with happiness. Sometimes this abnormal amount of delight triggers a need to moderate my state. I am very aware that we cannot operate on such an elevated feeling for too long so I have my reservations. But I thought about it a bit longer and arrived at another conclusion. Maybe, just maybe, I deserve my happiness because I am taking active steps toward preserving it.

About three weeks ago, I was on a plane flying to a another place eagerly anticipating a new adventure. Today, I’m sitting in my pj’s thinking about my time away. I still feel so content with just how wonderfully smooth it all went. What a great time it was! My spiritual side always gives a really special thanks to the powers that be which keep the positive motion flowing. The truth is, that things in life can take a turn in any direction as they so wish and we really don’t have a say. Of course, we have choices along the way but ultimately it’s truly out of our hands. So when something super great happens, I express even more appreciation which makes me happier.

Before leaving, I was a tad bit apprehensive about the whole thing. Maybe this stemmed from the fact that I had Laila with me because all that I want is for her to always be well. Children are absolutely wonderful but they make us worry, a lot. When you’re dealing with kids, they pretty much take automatic priority over everything. As sacrificing as we may like to be, that is no way to exist because it’s not a balanced approach. Yes, we have people that depend on us, at work and/or home, but we cannot chip away at our peace for anyone.

Even while away, there were times when I was feeling overwhelmed with my motherly duties. I never grabbed a plate for myself first, it was always let me get Laila fed because I can wait. There were a few times she would rush me through my meals because she was done. I had no issue explaining to her that I need to take my time and asked her not to bug me. She needs to recognize that mommy has to be good otherwise I’ll end up overextending myself into a miserable mess. I can certainly guarantee that no one will benefit from such an arrangement. Before I begin to sound like a bad mom, I also respect her requests to leave her alone when she needs time to just be. I totally get it because that’s exactly how I feel. Our love for one another continues to thrive even if we don’t want to be connected 24/7. Nothing is lost when we choose to tend to our personal needs in order to keep ourselves in a happy place.

I’m already looking forward to my next beach vacation, hopefully, later this year. I started travelling late in life and now that I’ve got a few stamps on my passport, I want more. The sea, sand and sun always have a very uplifting and positive effect on my wellness. I am a bit saddened that I’m not in that type of environment more often because it’s truly therapeutic. I would entertain the idea of moving to a tropical place, even for a little while. Probably wouldn’t happen in the foreseeable future but it’s always an option.

I hope that everyone is committed to their happiness despite having to brave these winter-like conditions. In the next two weeks, it looks like temperatures will begin to consistently remain on the positive side. Today we received a wicked blast of wind which made being outdoors a real mission. As usual, we’ll need to be patient or you can speed up the process and just book a getaway which makes the wait a bit more bearable.