Creating Connections.


We need relationships.

It’s been proven that people who live in isolation have a greater propensity to depression, dementia, heart disease and other illnesses. Alternatively, too much social interaction can also breed negative effects.

In essence, moderation is key to everything from food to people.

I’m not very well-versed in maintaining close, intimate relationships. It’s not that I’m incapable but I find them to be much more challenging, maybe it’s the intensity and expectations. Naturally, we “owe” more to the people closest to us and that in itself can become tricky terrain.

Throughout our lifetime, we have to interact with many different types of personalities. It feels great when we instantly click with another person but that’s not always the case. It’s impossible connect with absolutely everyone but you can certainly increase your odds with a few simple suggestions. There are some things that I, purposefully, set out to do so that I have a better chance of being on someone’s good side. As givers of positive energy, we automatically benefit because it is we who are making things happen.


A smile is a non-verbal way to communicate openness and positive cheer. If there is enough distance, try including a wave which adds an extra touch of friendly.

Share Laughs

Laughter is a universal language which we can all appreciate. Share a funny story or a comical observation even if it’s at your own expense. We (probably) spend most of our time operating in a more serious state so laughter is always a welcome break.

Be Vulnerable

We are all human therefore we are all imperfect. Don’t be afraid to let others know about your weaknesses and flaws. Also, be okay with saying sorry even if it wasn’t entirely your fault. I’m not suggesting to always do this but be flexible. The objective is to encourage others to unload some of their baggage and to create a more supportive circle. There is point in trying to maintain a front which can be an isolating experience itself. I’ve been able to create deep connections with people over the dysfunctional parts of my life. In turn, they are happy to share their struggles which ultimately builds trust.

Say Something Nice

Compliment someone on their appearance or thank them for their help on that project. We are all capable of turning a frown upside down by appreciating another person’s effort. It actually feels good to say something good and others love it too. You will find that people will naturally want to be around you.

Express an Active Interest

When getting to know someone, really get to know them. Let them speak and pay attention to what they care about then use your newfound information to create conversations.

All of these recommendations are meant to nurture a healthy life. An existence of positive intent allows us to further our development and understanding of living. I don’t believe we merely exist for zero reason with no need for guidance. We’re here to refine our souls and the people in our lives are a part of the journey.

Until next time.

Happy connecting!