What’s The Price For Your Soul?


Would you give up your integrity and self-respect for the deal of a lifetime?

All too often we hear about people who, on the surface, have it made. Nice cars. Exotic trips. Big houses. Excess in everything and whatever. Ask anyone and they’ll agree that the financial freedom to acquire such luxuries is a pretty sweet deal. Our society praises those who possess the ability to live in abundant material wealth therefore it’s only natural to think that the blingy bling results in everlasting happiness. Always remember that everything in life has a price which means no one escapes unscathed from their choices.

I spend a lot of my spare time watching documentaries, mostly about celebrities, because they fascinate me. From psychopaths to monks, I am intrigued by people who happen to fall outside of the usual day-to-day order of living. In no way do I look up to stars as idols and have no desire to emulate or aspire to their way of living. The rise of social media has made it easier than ever to click follow and immerse yourself into the world of stardom. As a parent, it’s very important that I explain to my daughter the difference between fake and real. She needs to understand that Hollywood is a land filled with make believe and illusions.

After watching a few videos, I couldn’t help but to compare the entertainment industry to an elite cult. They attend award shows to boost their own importance and tell us what we want to hear while endorsing any product for a quick buck. I won’t get into the specifics because the information is out there for anyone who is interested. Just search “celebrities who sold their souls” on YouTube and you may have a hard time falling asleep tonight. Not only is it highly disturbing stuff but it’s all around us in the form of various media – music, movies, television shows, magazines and the news. I’ll still continue to listen to my favourite songs and go to the theater but I will no longer post about celebs like Ellen. I really liked her but all this information has turned me away from having admiration for any of them. Once upon a time, I was much more trusting of the world around me. The older I get, the more aware I become and the truth can be disheartening and a bit depressing.

How many times do we hear about stars with substance abuse issues, nervous breakdowns and untimely deaths by overdose or suicide? Yes, this stuff happens to non-celebrities but famous people tend to suffer directly from their pursuit of fame and riches. The types of predators that lurk in Hollywood would put Harvey Weinstein to shame because he is just a tip of the iceberg. It’s really no coincidence that once these young female pop stars become adults they all morph into these overly-sexualized objects. What’s more is that if you are groomed to be a star by the people who sign your cheques then be ready to play by their rules. It’s very simple, they own you. I’m sorry to say this but you are forever their b*tch. If you step out of line, your brand will be tarnished and you’ll be in the headlines for being a trainwreck hence no one will want you. This also drives celebrities to turn to the things I’ve already described at the beginning of this paragraph.

Most of us will probably never be approached by a top Hollywood exec for a starring role in a sitcom but be warned. Selling one’s soul is something that is done in exchange for short-term gain and long-term damnation. It can happen in the workplace for a promotion or by having extramarital affairs. I, too, was presented with the opportunity to make lots of money but it required that I lie to people so I turned down the offer. Each of us has the ability to make choices and even if you’re not completely convinced that’s fine too. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s still not true. Whether you’re religious or not, we all have a conscience and it knows very well when you’ve been good or bad.

With all that’s been said, I’m more than okay to continue working my office job.