Rest In Peace, David.


Our world fell apart the moment we heard two simple words – he died. My brother, David, passed away on February 10, 2019. He was 34 years old and lost his life to addiction from an overdose.

I was very close to my brother despite the challenges of loving someone who is battling drugs. It was very difficult to watch him slip away from us while he was alive. Many times, I was very angry with him because the demons a.k.a. the addiction led him astray. He was continuously tormented by them and could no longer fight with the pain. The grip of painkillers, mainly opioids, were too strong to escape.

I’ve encountered and read about people who’ve had to battle this addiction. I don’t wish it on anyone. In the past 20 years or so, the opioid crisis has become an epidemic which is sweeping across North America and many people are dying in record numbers. You don’t need to be on the wrong side of the tracks to get hooked on painkillers. All you need is any type of pain and a doctor to prescribe pills that are highly addictive. Please don’t get me wrong, some people can benefit from this medicine but it’s not easy to walk away. I’ve heard that the psychological effects of opioids are horrific and physical withdrawal is hell.

The reason I strongly advocate for cannabis is because it’s nowhere near as detrimental to our health. It’s been proven that in areas where weed is legal, the number of opioid users decreases. All I’m saying is that we have yet to experience someone dying from pot and that in itself says a lot.

Despite his possession, David was a very bright, caring and beautiful soul. We could talk for hours on any subject. He would always politely listen and had a sincere way with words. In 2005, we went to Cuba  for a vacation. Neither of us had been on a plane before. This is us coming back from our trip.

My brother was born with a hole in the heart along with other health related issues. He was a blue baby with a 50/50 chance of survival. My parents and I spent countless hours at the hospital with him. From young, he was exposed to pain and medicine.

About 15 years ago, he had another open heart surgery to replace valves because of maintenance. David was scheduled to undergo another routine surgery and was really scared. He wasn’t ready to go through that again.

My dad and I have never experienced such a loss in our lives. We are working on gaining a deeper understanding of David’s death. My father is a Jesus loving man, not in a religious or fanatical way, but he trusts the Lord as his Savior. I was baptized and went to Catholic school for a couple of years and was acquainted with Jesus. I always kept a few crosses at home along with other reminders of Him such as pictures and the Bible. I don’t believe in organized religion but Jesus is the only person in all of human history to have conquered death. He died for ALL OF US. I’m not okay with believing that all we have is this life on Earth filled with pain, corruption, lies, greed, etc. It can’t only be about sex, hot bodies, money, fast cars and mansions.

No, life is MUCH MORE than that.

Jesus and God are great so we’re not upset at how things turned out. Nobody and nothing on Earth could offer him peace. I am certain that death is not the end rather a continuation of life. My dad and I have been paying attention to all the messages that we are receiving since David’s passing. I’ve even started journaling them because they are just amazing. He was cremated on Valentine’s Day and his room where the viewing took place was number 210 (2 is February and 10 is the day he died).

On the day when we were finalizing the arrangements, my dad went outside to have a cigarette and out of nowhere noticed the big clock outside of the home. The hands were at 10:10. Next time, you notice an ad for a watch, chances are that the hands are in the same position.


It’s a marketing technique to position the hands so they frame the brand’s logo which also allows for symmetry and the brain appreciates this balance. It’s also regarded as a happy face and is spiritually considered as a sign of victory.

I refuse to believe that life is just one big coincidence or a sloppy mess. It’s perfect because everything is done with God’s will.

My father and I chose to be the only ones present to pay our last respects. We arranged a viewing so that we could be close to him one final time in physical form. Even as a corpse, he’s a very handsome man. David always took care of himself when it came to his appearance and like me, we love our hair.

When we saw his body, lying in the sky blue casket, we felt automatic happiness and relief. We brought him a card, two crosses, a picture of Jesus and 7 red roses. We arranged to have him wear a cool T-shirt, shorts and white socks. We really poured all of our heart into making sure that he knows how much he’s loved – to death and beyond.

We will always miss our dear friend and are thankful that the Lord allowed us to be together for this long. David’s passing has been a gift to us because it is bringing us closer to the truth.

One day, we will be reunited in a place where there is ONLY LOVE.