A Reason For Every Season.


We are slowly clawing our way out of another winter season. I am beyond done with the drudgery of this volatile weather and constant coldness. My brother’s passing happened during the most depressing time of year. Not to say that it’s easier to mourn when the flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining. In my view, winter is death seasoned with deep freeze temperatures, icy streets and biting winds.

As Mother Nature, we too have seasons/cycles and there is purpose to each one. As someone of faith, I don’t believe in coincidence or sheer luck. Even the ice storms are carefully orchestrated as part of a grand plan which I will never fully understand. Belief nourishes my soul because I am able to turn my worries over to God and trust Him completely. 

It’s the only salvation I have while I’m here.

Let’s go back to the season of our pre-birth. The time before we entered this world, the time we were floating in a sack filled with fluid. We hung around suspended by a cord, confined to a place where nothing was in our control.

Did you worry about anything and did you have choices? 

As soon as we enter the world, we are commanded to adjust to our “new” life. As humans, we undergo so many births and deaths a.k.a. transformations. We aren’t meant to remain static or in one state as witnessed by our changing bodies and the need for sleep. We possess millions of tiny cells which are constantly travelling all over the place. Some unknowingly disappear while others appear out of nowhere. 

Each one of us is a living, breathing miracle.

During our limited time on Earth, there will be many demands placed on us. Unlike chilling in the womb, being out here is a struggle and the tests are real. Life is a beautiful journey filled with all types of conditions which we will need to weather. We’ll be confronted with flurries of frustration and showers of happiness.

Our course in life is directed by how we choose to grow from the ever changing seasons. I may openly despise winter but I still get out there for my walks. I will not put aside what I love to do for something which I have no control over. It just means that I need to be better equipped to handle the fluctuations which aren’t in my favour. The more open-minded and flexible you are, the less impacted you are when things really take a nosedive.

The challenging seasons of our life aren’t there to punish us for being alive. Their purpose is for our growth, betterment and higher understanding. I get it, who wants their loved one to die or to be diagnosed with a terminal illness. Nobody goes out seeking these things but they are a part of the wintry conditions which must be braved. Unlike wearing a warm jacket and boots, there really isn’t a predictable way to approach these elements. 

A major part of the opioid epidemic which we are now facing stems from our compulsive need to escape pain. These killers of pain offer a promise of complete numbness from all discomfort. Sounds appealing but it seems like more and more people don’t want to feel anything at all, ever. We can’t always walk in a field of sunshine but there is hope of a better day when we are battling a perfect storm.

Believe in the power of prayer, friends.