Growing Up Or Slowing Down?


Today is David’s 35th birthday and we chose to celebrate him.

I accepted an invitation from a gracious friend to attend Sunday service at a nearby church. I’ve only ever attended service a few times in my life and the last time was over a decade ago. I asked Laila to join me as this would be her first experience and that in itself is super special. We had a nice time however every so often, I’d glance over to make sure she was okay. I give her lots of credit for being such a good sport and for keeping an open mind.

A recurring theme on my blog is the topic of growth and development. At times, I feel like a broken record because I keep harping about the same subjects over and over. However, there are undeniable truths which lay the foundation for great progress and reward. Despite the unintended repetition, I try my best to re-package the messages by presenting them from different angles.

As creatures of habit, we have a difficult time with personal growth. It can be disorienting when we need to step outside of our comfort zone. The only trouble is that God did not intend for us to stay at one level.

Take for example, the mother eagle and her babies. In order to protect them, Mama creates a safe nest for her hatchlings. Naturally, they’re very happy from the all-inclusive treatment. After a few months, she slowly makes the nest less comfortable by removing the branches and leaves. Gradually, the eaglets exit the nest for  stretches of time hopping around while developing their muscles. When the mother feels they’re strong enough, she’ll push them from the cliff. Mama will catch her baby before it hits the ground, only to push it out again until it can fly on its own.

The nest is a blessing for a time but eventually it will become a hindrance. God knows that we can’t spread our wings and fly if we continue to stay in the nest so He pushes us out. He does this with love to watch us grow in the same way we take pride in watching our children mature. God also wants us to depend on Him for the strength which only He can grant.

After much experience, I would rather be pushed out than to sit in the nest. In fact, it’s dangerous to remain  stagnant because it works against the natural order. A little healthy fear is good so long as it’s not stopping you from stepping into the unknown. Playing it safe your whole life will cause you to never discover your potential and you’ll miss out on rare and wonderful opportunities.

I promise that greatness is waiting for us in those intimidating places during those trying times.