A Heart Of Hope.


Every 10th of the month signifies the remembrance of my dear brother’s passing. It’s been 5 months and there are still moments when it feels like I’ve stepped into another dimension. My dad and I have been extremely supportive of one another and it’s brought us closer than ever. My heart breaks extra for him because I don’t want to imagine the loss of my child.

I received a sign of hope today which really gave me a lift. It was lunch time and I was outside enjoying a work-related BBQ event. I had a cold bottle of water which was dripping as it had been sitting in a cooler. I set it down on the pavement so that I could eat my food. A few minutes later, I picked it up and found a heart which had formed. I was immediately struck by the image because it was exactly what I needed. I was a bit delayed in getting an early shot of it as it began to run pretty quickly.

As a wise friend once said, I would rather grieve with Jesus/God than without. As I’m learning, it really makes the difference between peace and torment. David’s physical death was a beautiful blessing in my life because it opened my heart like never before. I thank God for His unfailing grace and mercy which has offered me real, everlasting comfort.

I recently watched I am MLK Jr. and The Mayo Clinic. I highly recommend these documentaries to anyone who enjoys inspirational real life stories. Both films were very well made and are truly captivating. Martin is probably one of the greatest men to have existed in the 20th century. His speeches still exude power, influence and are as relevant as ever. Dr. King’s refusal to resort to violence garnered much attention all over the globe however his marches of protest weren’t always peaceful. He was willing to accept jail time and backlash over humiliation and segregation.

Martin was a follower of Jesus which is the superpower he possessed so that he could face the pain and suffering. He knew that he was a marked man but living in silence was a betrayal of his beliefs. What a remarkable and rare human being he was but his spirit carries on. 

Another story of strength and vision is a movie called The Mayo Clinic. The clinic is a not-for-profit worldwide leader committed to providing specialized care, research and education and interest in the whole-person. In August 1883, a tornado hit Rochester, Minnesota and it was this event which gave birth to the prestigious clinic. This natural disaster resulted in approximately 37 deaths and over 200 injuries.

A surgeon by the name of William Worall Mayo and his family managed to safely escape the devastation. There was an immediate call to action by Dr. Mayo to establish a temporary hospital with other local doctors. He also had two sons, William and Charles, who followed in their father’s footsteps by pursuing medicine. They also enlisted the help of Mother Alfred Moes and the Sisters of Saint Francis to act as nurses. Despite the fact that the women were trained to be teachers with little to no medical experience.

This combination of faith, hope and science is a true testament of the miracle of God. The healing which takes place at The Mayo Clinic is driven by a philosophy and ingrained values which puts people first. The blending of such vastly different approaches (faith and science) to health is what really fascinates me. On their own, they do well however bring them together and you’ve got a powerhouse. I love the element of incorporating Jesus in what they do as He continues to be the greatest healer to have walked this Earth. It only makes sense to give Him a rightful place in the ongoing successes of the clinic.