“It’s Different Here.”


Like a baby’s precious first words, this is what David said to my mom in a dream. She only remembers hearing his voice and that was it. It sounds like wishful thinking embedded into the psyche but I believe this was a divine message. I may not agree with my mother a lot of the time but I give her credit for being connected to such a powerful experience. In the past, she’s had dreams which actually came to fruition.

It’s simple enough to be true plus I continue to receive daily reassurance that I’m not at work alone here.

We will never really truly know what awaits us on the other side. I’ve accepted the belief that it doesn’t end once we cease to exist in a body on the physical plane. We carry on but in different realms, dimensions, galaxies or whatever the case may be but there is a continuation. It seems like an abrupt halt to those that are left behind to carry on in their absence but our dearly departed undergo a transition.

As humans, we may be progressive in a lot of areas however we are still very limited in knowledge and understanding of our entire being. We live on a sphere that follows an invisible path around a ball of fire in an endless universe with no beginning or end. It can be a real challenge to have faith because we’ve been given five senses which routinely guide us. Seeing isn’t always believing because our eyes play tricks on us. When the sun sets, we live in darkness for a little while but subconsciously we have faith that it will return for a new day. The same goes for when you get into a car, turn the key and start driving. You have an unacknowledged faith that you will make a safe journey to where you need to go.

To draw nearer to Jesus and God, you need to allow Their purpose to work through you in your life. This type of faith needs to be acknowledged and active. He will knock and it’s on us to open our hearts, should we choose. We spend a majority of our time in a state of blind faith which robs us of real fulfillment. Bottom line is that a lifestyle change is required which sounds unsettling but the power you receive is far greater than anything you will ever experience. This is similar to when we embark on a journey to eat better and move more.

No doubt that changes will need to happen but it’s worth trading up.

Personally, it took me a while to reach out for a close relationship. Due to the way things turned out in my life, many times I’ve had to guard my heart. It was safer to build my defenses than to trust so there was a natural reluctance to give anyone that much power. I always believed that Jesus was the most perfect human ever who died for us but I wasn’t allowing Him to live in my life. Now, I give him daily attention which is slowly allowing me to move out of my stronghold. It’s going to take a lot of time, patience and effort but the time has come to turn it over to my Creator as He knows what’s best for me. It is through Him that I receive healing, unconditional love and eternal life.

I still have days, like today, when I’m not sure if I am gaining God’s favour. Maybe the fact that I’m wondering if my best is good enough is a positive sign of its own. If we had everything all figured out then we wouldn’t need God and He wants more than anything to have us depend only on Him. He holds authority over all things and we must abide. A perfect example of a well-known universal cosmic law is Karma. You know the saying, what goes around comes around. Even the Bible represents this truth but with the expression, reap what you sow. Same difference as both point to a natural order which must be adhered to and it applies to all.

I am thankful to have the freedom to choose what I want to believe. I don’t want to live my life in torment nor do I want to spend eternity there. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by surrendering my life to His will because without Him, I am nothing.

Things may be different for David there but they will never be the same for us here.