Keep The Faith By Sharing It.


I’m a bit peeved that summer started right on time this year because I prefer to feel the heat in May. It was a pretty dry season which was surprising because I predicted a rainy one. As of late, the temperatures have started to wind down a bit and the cool, crisp air is beginning to take over. Can’t say that I’m thrilled about this but that’s life in Canada. I still get out and enjoy all the seasons but I have favourites and winter is definitely not one of them.

As usual, I spent as much time as possible outdoors this summer. I didn’t take any elaborate trips and remained mostly local. Laila and I also had a chance to do a lot of walking (of course) and other outdoor activities like playing frisbee. One day we spent a couple of hours at The Rec Room, which is located in Downtown near the Rogers Centre. It’s a really cool arcade/entertainment venue with lots of neat games like a Dave & Buster’s. It’s non-stop action whenever I’m at these types of places because I can’t sit still. I actually used to spend time a lot of time at the arcades and pool halls in my younger days. No, I wasn’t a bad kid but I love, love games just not the one’s people play (haha).

Since June I’ve been attending Sunday service at the church close to my home. It has been such a welcoming and peaceful place that I look forward to it each week. There’s this wave of comfort which sweeps over me when I’m there. I love observing the stained glass windows with all the beautiful Biblical imagery. On hot days, they would open the windows and a light, gentle breeze would filter in.

I was unable to find a picture with more clarity but this is the inside.

In the summer only, the church has “community time” in the early part of the service. It’s when the Reverend poses a question or thought and we turn to our neighbours in discussion for about 5 minutes. For example, we were once asked to share any experiences we had with God communicating to us like via a cloud formation. A woman shared an interesting story about a friend who had almost set her place on fire because she forgot that the stove was on. She had been out of the house for many hours and eventually there was heavy smoke. A neighbour had called emergency for help and luckily they were able to divert the potential tragedy. Upon inspection of the damage, she noticed a well-defined cross which appeared as a burn on the wall.

Thank You, Jesus.

I never used to share my faith with other people because it was always very personal. If I did attend church on that once-in-a-blue-moon occasion I would prefer to go alone and sit in an empty building. I didn’t feel comfortable discussing Jesus and God with anyone but now it’s one of the topics that comes up naturally in my daily life. I am learning that it’s a very powerful thing to do as all of our spirits require strengthening so that our faith may persevere. Plus I’ve met some lovely people who are followers and they’ve inspired me to grow as well.

I enrolled in a free Bible school which is conducted through the mail.  They send me a set of simple guides and each one is accompanied by a short quiz which is then sent back and evaluated. Then the next set is sent out and so on until I reach a total of 26. I have about 5 more guides left until completion which means I will receive a certificate acknowledging my commitment which is nice.

If anyone is interested, here is the link:

I’ve definitely received a great revelation in what I believe and that has influenced my focus. It feels like what I’ve been chasing all along was right in front of me and that is a relationship with Almighty God. Now, this doesn’t mean that I can march off into the sunset and live happily ever after. In fact, it’s the exact opposite because we live in a Fallen World full of opposition. Sorry to say but this is the devil’s playground because he will do his best to break you down with temporary, earthly pleasures. There is plenty of beauty and joy but we are in the midst of an ongoing battle between good versus evil.

This is a well-known prayer that I had to recite while in Catholic school.

God knows that we are mere mortals in the flesh who are led into temptation and commit sin. The good news is that His love is unconditional but you have to commit all of yourself to His will. It took many years to recognize that I was trying to orchestrate or somehow control the circumstances a.k.a. playing God of my own little universe. I would go ahead, make all the plans and then ask God to bless them. A healthy and true connection to God is to seek His guidance and listen before taking any steps. It means asking Him to lead you because He always knows best, forever and ever.

I had a lot of abstract thoughts about what God meant to me and I shared them in a post last year. I never once mentioned Jesus and for that I’m gravely disappointed. It’s for this reason that I always encourage people to expand their minds with new information but to ultimately use their own judgment. It’s important to remember that as well-meaning as a people may be, we are learning and making mistakes all the time. We are constantly shaped by experiences which affect our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choices and so forth.

With that said, my apologies in advance if I ever have to back track on a subject. I don’t claim to know everything or have it all figured out because that would be a blatant lie. I try my best to keep an open mind at all times and have no issue adapting to various knowledge. But just like the human body and its digestive system, keep what nourishes you and flush out the rest.