Signs Of The Times.


Wouldn’t it be simple if all signs were this obvious?

The function of any sign is to inform and lead which means they serve an important purpose. As helpful as a sign can be, it’s only as good as the person who is reading it. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people run a stop sign or a red light.

If we are capable of blatant dismissal with glaring signs, how many more are we ignoring along the way? Believe it or not, we are surrounded by countless signs which extend way beyond traffic regulation.

After David’s passing, I was motivated to keep a notebook of all the signs which we (my family and I) believe to be from God. These range from dreams, lost coins, feathers, symbolic tokens, conversations, numbers, the time, visions and anything else that could be interpreted as a sign.

Again, they are countless.

The 10th of each month commemorates another turn of the calendar for our dearly departed David. Back in July, I had posted about the heart image which had formed from a water spill. This month we received another fascinating sign. The truly amazing part is that we don’t plan or create these sightings and occurrences, they happen because of our faith and awareness.

My dad is an avid lottery player so he decided to buy a poker ticket. If you’ve ever played this game, you’ll know that all the cards are computer-generated. For us, the cards which were randomly selected display my brother’s birth and death dates. David was born on May (5) 26 and passed on February (2) 10.

Since my renewed walk with Jesus, I’ve become hypersensitive to the subtleties that exist all around me. I’m pausing more and paying attention to Him and what He is trying to communicate. It could be something in nature like a butterfly landing on me or the words believe in yourself printed on a shirt worn by a stranger who is walking by.

Just as with any other relationship, time and effort are of the essence with Jesus. Nothing exists independent of anything else in this life. Much like a spider, we live in a web of interconnectedness however unlike this arachnid we can’t always comprehend the design. Once tuned in, it’s easy to understand that nothing is by happenstance. Since establishing this for myself, life doesn’t get me down as often anymore because I serve a God which turns all things for good. I know this for a fact because I get daily confirmation along the way.

God knows that I’m open to receiving His messages. For example, I have special numbers which have great personal meaning so when they appear at “random”, that’s Him. If you don’t believe with an open heart then God cannot reach you.

How easy is it to get close to someone who doesn’t give you the time of day?

I’ve read that signs can be from Angels but I’ll keep referring to God because He is the ultimate source of all. Signs are the most effective way in which humans receive a little bit of Heaven. They are meant to guide, comfort and help us stay on course. Signs cannot be attained by demand or force therefore working with them requires a passive and patient approach. It’s important to allow your attention to be naturally led to the sign.

Requesting signs is perfectly acceptable and encouraged as God is enthusiastic to provide them. They enrich our day-to-day lives with blessings, abundance and hope. Ask for signs regarding any decision, question or problem. There is no issue which is too big or small as we can never fully predict the outcome of our decisions. When a sign is received, it’s extremely beneficial to stop, feel the energy and reflect. Observe your thoughts and senses to gain more depth of the experience.

As with any good friend that helps us out, express your heartfelt gratitude for the compassion which you’ve received.