It Was A Good Year To Face Fear.


In order to know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been. At the closing of each year, I look back to pause and reflect. I don’t dwell but it’s valuable to take inventory and consider what’s already happened. I really had no idea just how many changes would take place in 2019. I mean, life altering experiences which would leave me renewed in ways I would’ve never expected.

The year started with the loss of my brother which transformed my heart forever. Over the years, David’s existence became an increasingly painful and heavy burden. I really just wanted things to get better and sadly they did but only in his absence. Needless to say, I gained an entirely new perspective on life in the midst of confronting death. In the face of defeat, I became a victor through faith which would strengthen my spirit and provide me with more life than I could ever imagine.

I was catapulted into a relationship with Jesus and that’s where things got really interesting. I was numb to how hardened my heart had really become and it was time to do some thawing. I opened up to the journey of discovering what this grief really meant in my life while living in the aftermath of tragedy. I reached out and connected with people on levels which would further intensify my search for the Truth. I am so very grateful for the friends which I’ve made in faith and hope that I’ve also inspired others to explore their spiritual needs.

I was called to attend church regularly, read the Bible, pray often, listen to worship songs and develop a deeper trust in God. I was flooded with signs from above and an unrelenting drive to share the Good News with others. Naturally, I opened my heart wider than ever before and life took on new proportions. I achieved an unprecedented amount of clarity and even changed my feelings on the subject of marriage. One day, I just may consider taking the plunge but only if we honour the commitment in Jesus’ name. I’ve tried to do things my way for a really long time and some attempts were a flop. So maybe it’s time to consider another approach which will hopefully bring more peace and success.

I know, pretty crazy stuff, I’m surprised too.

Through my walk with Jesus, I’ve been refreshed in mind, body and spirit. Once you get to know Him, you can’t help but want to be more like Him. Ultimately, this was God’s purpose in sending Christ to us so that we may sharpen our character to His likeness. I am much more forgiving of others because God has pardoned my transgressions. He wants us to exemplify His grace and mercy onto others just as He as he does for us. I am learning to be more patient and to find ways in which I can be of service to my neighbours in even the smallest acts of kindness. The empathy which I’ve acquired for people has allowed me to build more meaningful relationships.

When I see a person, I see a child of God even if they don’t identify with that position. This is the only way in which I can increase my care and love for humankind. I know what it means to live in a world inundated with struggles rendering us hopeless. Sorrowfully, this is an ongoing reality for many who live in darkness which only means that we can stand to have more light. God knows that we will be under constant attack by the enemy which is why He equips us for the battle.

I’ve placed my faith in a living God because Jesus conquered death. With this belief, I am not limited by what I see or know because there is a power which supersedes all. I am holding onto a promise and it is that He will always exalt me in the face of opposition. For this, I am thankful beyond what mere words can express. Whatever debt I have to pay has already been paid and it’s not because of anything I’ve done. It’s simply because I choose to believe in the selfless act of sacrifice by which Christ down laid His life so that we may have it too.

I truly have respect for all and what they choose to believe except in the case of those that harm others. You will find me praising Jesus all the time because there is real power in His name. It is through Him that I have a full and abundant life not only in the hereafter but also in the here and now. It finally feels like I’ve come home after a long and tiring trek in the desert. But it doesn’t stop here because troubles don’t cease however I can rest assured that He is faithful to provide. In 2020, I pray for all to have increased clarity, power and wisdom so that we may overcome the obstacles which await.

Undoubtedly, we all have to make our way through the desert so with that said, stay well-hydrated friends.