Hallelujah! Praise The Lord.


This time of lockdown has paved the way to a varied style of living. Thankfully, I am able to work from the comfort of my home which is a welcome bonus. I’ve settled into a routine which allows me to look forward in eager anticipation to each passing day. With the warm weather already in full-swing, I’ve been able to enjoy A LOT more time outdoors. I am grateful to say that I’ve biked so much already and God willing, it’s only the beginning.

This may sound crazy but I’m addicted to nature. Be warned, I can actually feel myself going into withdrawal if I don’t get my fix. Turns out this isn’t made up and the name of this condition is called Biophilia.

Even as a child, I always loved being outside in the elements and it didn’t matter if I was with friends or solo. There’s something absolutely exhilarating about getting lost in the expansiveness of nature. A divine sense of liberation and connection which comes from spending time in our natural habitat.

You know the “take a hike” insult? Well, that won’t work on me because I’m already out there and will gladly take another opportunity. While out I might find some goodies like these two crosses. I found the bracelet approximately 10 years ago and the pendant was discovered in April of this year.

There’s a cool story with the (not real) gold cross. I was on a walk, Tupac’s song Life Goes On starts playing and I find this precious gift lying on the sidewalk. It felt surreal yet my heart was overwhelmed with such love and joy. As a side note, Tupac is my brother’s favourite rapper and I really like him too. He has such deep lyrics about life and all its realities.

I’ve been a faithful witness to so many signs. I still continue to jot them down in a notebook dedicated to these wonders.

My daily routine consists of getting up early in the morning, grabbing a coffee from Tim’s and savouring the experience. I’ll wander around the neighbourhood and soak in all the surroundings. I’m always dressed comfortably and the music player is on-hand. Sometimes I like to remove the headphones and listen to the birds because I love them so much. I can hear them chirping outside of my bedroom window at 4 in the morning and their songs are so heavenly!

At the start of this year, I’ve implemented the practice of writing a short journal entry to Jesus (God). I like to do it in the morning because it sets my mind and heart right for the day. It reminds me that I have a loving Creator who has blessed me with another sunrise. With this type of focus, I greatly minimize the impact of potential attacks to my peace. I put on a suit of the Lord’s armour so that I am well-equipped to defend the stronghold. Whenever feasible, I believe in taking preventative steps rather than waiting idly like a target ready to get hit.

I am a morning person through and through; always have been and always will be. It’s when I feel most alive, inspired, hopeful, energetic and all that other good stuff. I never have a shortage of things to do to keep me creative and growing. I can genuinely say that I love my company and boredom is never a thing.

For the last year, I’ve been taking part in a Bible Study through mail correspondence. It’s a free resource offered through It Is Written Canada (www.itiswrittencanada.ca). I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of the study along with the knowledge which I’ve gained. I receive several lessons in the form of short booklets which are accompanied by easy tests which are then mailed back. I’ve already received a certificate for the completion of 26 lessons and now I’m onto the next phase.

When no one is around, I like to blast the music and dance freely around the house because I can. It feels positively great to let loose and just be.

Whatever helps the cause right?

I am consciously aware that our time here is limited. The objective is to live like it’s my last day because one day I’ll be right. I love to listen and watch inspiring stories about people who have the spirit of a warrior. If I ever start to have a pity party (thankfully, not too many of those) I bring myself back to reality and recognize that we are all hanging on a delicate thread. It is for this reason that we should never judge and compare ourselves to others because we’ve all got a unique journey.

I’ve decided to share the story of man who was born without limbs but has a spirit without limits. I’ve listened to a few of Nick’s messages and he is such a blessing to us all. I love his testimony about Jesus’ goodness and pray that we are all touched by it.