The Lord’s Light Is My Delight.


We are spiritual beings irrespective of whether we believe in God or nothing at all. The body will decay and the spirit will continue to live on for eternity. In each of us, the Lord has specifically reserved a hole in our heart which only He can fill. We have also been given an awareness of this emptiness so that we may purposefully seek Him out.

The challenging part to finding God is that we live in a world broken by sin which is what separates us from Him. It’s all too easy to become distracted and enamoured by falsehood because the enemy (a.k.a. Satan, devil, evil, snake) knows our every weakness and strength. We are intensely despised by him so he will use tricks to trap us into further rebellion and sin. Our power is that the Lord created us in His image which means we are a super special creation. The downfall is that we are a prideful people who believes in our own wisdom, strength and righteousness. 

In the Garden of Eden, the snake had coaxed Adam and Eve into believing that God was withholding something good from them. This may have been a really long time ago but we are still in bondage to the same snake today. It speaks into our hearts and minds tempting us to destroy our relationship with the loving Creator with fiction of better prospects. 

In every part of life, we are always in the throes of a raging battle between good versus evil. We’re plagued with this age-old conflict that exists within humans which then translates itself into the world around us. In a war, we may see tanks, bombs and bloody bodies but this is only an outward display of deep-rooted heart issues.

Ephesians 6:12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 

As spiritually-driven beings, we have a buried desire to excavate and uncover what we’re all about. It feels like an innate longing to return home and back to complete wholeness. There are many avenues to take but we must be careful not to hang around the dark alleyways. With respect to spiritual progression, all paths do not lead to the same destination. I can say this with absolute confidence as someone who turned to self-help books, astrology and superstition. None of these (or other) methods proved to be effective in satisfying, advancing or restoring the health of my spirit. There were still a lot of gaps to fill and it felt like maybe there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t making any real breakthroughs. 

We must be very cautious and selective about the people and things which we allow to mingle with our spirit. In the past few decades, there has been considerable traction from the New Age movement which is not an organized religion but recognized as a way of life. People are at liberty to pick and choose pieces of Eastern and Western cultural/religious practices to concoct a belief system which best suits them. There is also the freedom to construct a god made up from our imagination. The Bible is very clear to warn us about the many lies which we will encounter during our earthly stay.

2 Corinthians 11:14. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 

It’s really no coincidence that Las Vegas is dubbed Sin City. Like moths to a flame, we are naturally attracted to light which might be our way of illuminating the undeniable darkness that lurks within. Even prior to my renewed walk with Jesus, I was on an unrelenting journey to personal transformation and healing. I had delved into various facets of spiritual development in hopes of getting closer to the truth. Jesus understood the importance of truthfulness along with the difficulty that ensues in achieving it.

John 8:32. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

I am not bashing beliefs but having been on both sides of the fence, there is great danger in relying on human potential only. To squeeze God out of the mix or conjure up a fraudulent one has dire consequences. I, too, invented a god which let me do whatever I wanted with no real accountability. Initially, this may have seemed like a sweet deal but deep down I could still sense the void. My attempt to rationalize a spiritual matter only led me further away from what I had been seeking.

God wants us to admit that sin is what drives our separation from Him. Then, He asks that we turn away from those sins. We do this by getting into the Word and following His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Rather than solely trust in our own perceived divinity, God exposes our fallen nature and redeems us from it. The New Age thinking minimizes, if not completely ignores, the subject of evil and suffering. Instead, there is a considerable amount of focus on the individual’s abilities which are already severely limited due to the human condition. There is only so much positive thinking and manifestation that a person can do in their own strength.

The rejection of healthy yet critical self-reflection is a detrimental stumbling block to our correction. The suppression of negative emotions and the denial of difficulty is sure to usher in more of the same. It’s problematic to view oneself as god because it blinds us from accurately assessing and addressing our darkness. Perfection can only be found in the true and living God who came into this world as a baby, died on a cross as a man and arose from the dead as our Saviour. God is so gracious in that He doesn’t force us to love Him. However, we will always feel restless and at odds when things are not right with Him. 

Before re-committing my life to Jesus, I was under a fabricated notion of what it meant to be spiritual. After much searching, I made a very sudden decision to surrender to Christ and I haven’t looked back. The fulfillment which I receive from my relationship with Jesus doesn’t compare to anything else that I’ve tried in the past. 

Truly, the Lord is more than sufficient to heal and transform us.