Love Jesus?


As you may already have gathered from this blog, my life is influenced by the power of Jesus. He is my guiding light because I’ve witnessed His greatness time and time again. The focus on Jesus has touched every part of my existence in a multitude of profound ways.

It took a really long time to fully accept Christ into my heart and now I can’t return to a life without Him. Looking back, I can see that Jesus was trying to reach me for quite a while and in some very creative ways. But I wasn’t completely ready to receive Him so the years continued to roll by.

Thankfully, I’ve experienced His goodness, grace, mercy, peace and love. With all these amazing benefits, I simply cannot deny the effectiveness of Jesus which is why I can’t stop sharing Him with others.

Please feel free to connect with me as I always love hearing from others and about their experience with Jesus. I am also more than happy to share my faith, listen to comments and answer any questions.